This project is about supporting student agency and success in higher education and beyond through the development of assessment feedback skills (the ability to self-monitor and self- evaluate). The project is led by Professor Carol Evans in Southampton’s Education School and involves colleagues from the Researching Assessment Practices Group.



Funded by HEFCE
January 2017 – April 2018
Total estimated project cost £100,000

University of Southampton RAP project members include:

  • Laura Grange, Ian Harding, Judith Lock from Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Goran Mashanovich from Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Carol Rivas and Mary Gobbi from Health Sciences
  • Sharon Pettit, Vesna Perisic, Emmanuela Lotti, Sharifa Al’Aldawi from Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences
  • Lisa Harris, Neil Ford, Max Chipulu, Mark Telford, Keir Thorpe, from Business, Law and Art
  • Mary Page, Veronica Spencer, and Vanessa Mar-Molinero from Humanities.


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